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The ITOM-Academy offers a wide range of trainings in the area of IT Operations Management and IT Service Management.

The successful use of these tools and especially the integration of the tools with each other and with others (adapted to the needs of your company) requires special methods and skills..

Just as operation and development are now more closely combined (DevOps), IT training must also match these conditions. The ITOM-Academy therefore offers you a suitable portfolio of courses and training measures that you can use before, alongside or after your implementation projects.

The standard training courses offer generic product training courses, the "Focus Days" bring current and new content on specific topics and are supplemented by "Deep Dive" training courses. So-called "tailored training" is used to tailor courses to your specific circumstances. A great strength of the products are the diverse integrations. We open up the possibilities and advantages of these integrations to you with "customized training" tailored to your needs.
Use the products in their entire range!

Cube with the dimensions Decide/Manage/Execute and Design/Build/Run and Platform/Process/Application

Different audiences usually require different views onto the very same content! Additionally, in different phases of your project, different views onto the same content are often necessary.
Please ask for our special trainings plan to increase benefit of the products: