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Automation and Cloud
The topic "Automation & Cloud" covers Cloud and Automation and the Micro Focus tools for these,
starting with the suite "Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX)"
Additionally this includes:
  • Data Center Automation (DCA)
  • Network Automation (NA)
  • Operations Orchestration (OO) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Server Automation (SA)

For capacity reasons, we have not scheduled any HCMX courses at the moment.
If required, please contact:


As part of the "Summer SChool 2024" you will also find some courses on "OO":

  • SMAX-OO: Design OO-Flows for and OO-Flows from SMAX
  • OO-FT: Fast Track to Operations Orchestration
Please ask for our special trainings plan to increase benefit of the products: