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Databases and Utilities(DBUT)
The topic "TOOL" covers databases, especially Big-Data databases, Data Protection, and data exchange, between Micro Focus tools and third party products.
Additionally included are tools for Runbook Automation and scripting languages:
  • Vertica
  • Data Protector
  • Backup Navigator
  • VM Explorer
  • Operations Orchestration
  • Connect IT
  • Python/Jython
  • Groovy


A wide, powerful range of integrations are available. E.g:

  • generate, update, and close tickets in "Service Management Automation X" (SMAX) and "Service Manager" (SM)"
  • generate, update, and maintain CIs in UCMDBD
  • Import and export data between Micro Focus products and 3rd party products.
Please ask for our special trainings plan to increase benefit of the products: info@ITOM-Akademie.de